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Five Million Steps

The Appalachian Trail Thru-Hiker's Story

75 minutes – $25.00

The classic Appalachian Trail documentary. Features a different hiker in each of the 14 states the trail passes through. Dramatic and touching personal stories abound. “Backpacker Magazine” warned that "one viewing of this video will change your life." "Five Million Steps" has been shown from coast to coast on PBS stations with rave reviews. Still the best!

How To Hike The Appalachian Trail

5 hours (2 discs) – $35.00


Twenty-five thru-hikers look you right in the eye and tell you the right way to do it. Subjects covered include preparation, finances, feet, food, gear, security, partners, trail wisdom, resupply, lightweight backpacking, zero weight backpacking and much, much more. The video features a visual tour of 144 resupply towns and points along the trail.  Advice applies to short trips as well as thru-hikes. A runaway bestseller. New expanded version!

Amazing Grace!

The Incredible Story of the Blind Appalachian Trail Thru-Hiker Bill Irwin

20 minutes – $15.00

The eyes of the world were riveted on Bill as he stumbled and groped 2,143 miles from Georgia to Maine. See for yourself just how he did it. Your own trail perspective will never be the same. Includes information a book publisher tried to censor. An inspirational and mind-blowing musical mini-documentary.  

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